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DHS - Department of Human Services, City of Philadelphia

To provide DHS with Project Planning and Management, GUI/UI design and development (intranet and internet portal websites) including Focus Group surveys, Web Site Systems Integration, and Web Site Training and Orientation.

BRT - Board of Revision of Taxes, City of Philadelphia

To enable the BRT to retire its legacy Mainframe [VSAM] software system and to be able to achieve its goals to provide 100% full valuation of all Philadelphia Real Property.

Advocacy Associates - Washington, DC

To provide a non profit the ability to create more detailed reports for their clients, provide sign in accessibility to update calendar events, and make the overall scheduling and reporting process more efficient.

Order of the Quest - Media Bureau

To provide unique GUI / UI design for an independent film that captures the vibe of the story and to create a buzz while the film is in production and post production.

  • GUI / UI (Coming Soon)
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Monday, June 24, 2019 6:23 PM
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What They Say

'... the most important aspect of MBPS's role has been their invaluable skills and high level of expertise in problem solving as it relates to highly sophisticated and complex systems. MBPS was an integral part of the website project.'

Liza Rodriguez, Communications Director, DHS - Department of Human Servcies, City of Philadelphia

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